• Pfarr Platz Wirt Wein: The story of one of Vienna´s most beautiful and celebrated places 2016

    Two thousand years ago, the Romans settled at what is now the Pfarrplatz in Heiligenstadt, Vienna. Later, Ludwig van Beethoven lived here and found inspiration for his compositions. Fascinatingly, the location has remained almost unchanged ever since. In a multifaceted manner, this book tells us stories about the centuries-old history of this magical place, elaborately describing the development of the Mayer Heuriger, the Pfarrwirt restaurant and the highly traditional wineries Mayer am Pfarrplatz and Rotes Haus – stories which are simultaneously part of the history of Vienna.

    This Book ist also available in german.

    224 Pages
    Language: english
    ISBN-10: 3902469692
    ISBN-13: 978-3902469694

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